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Boston Scholar Athletes

"Before the Zone was here I was really not into school so much. The Zone came in and is the place to be. It brought me up and I’ve stayed up ever since."

Yissa Gurrero
Jeremiah E. Burke High School

"My life in BSA, it helps me get better. It helps me put 110% all the time and it makes me a better person and a better basketballplayer."

Stacee Odige
TechBoston Academy

"What I love most about the Zone is I can go there any time. And with the team it’s not only time to do our homework, it’s time for us to build team chemistry."

Krystal Edwards
Madison Park

"The BSA Zone helps me tremendously, because I get to get all my work done on time and I get to play basketball."

Julian Gonzalez

"My favorite thing about the Zone is it’s like a family. It’s a community where everyone is open, everyone is having fun, and everyone loves it."

Cassandra Teneus
Jeremiah E. Burke High School